Promoting Growth Through Positive relationships

A 30 minute documentary that honors the vision of Lorraine Foster, the School's founder. 


Voices of Gratitude

As the 2012 school year came to a close, students were invited to participate in creating a video for Dominique. What they chose to say, how they said it, as well as the option to participate was totally left up to each individual. Some students asked to speak privately in a room with a camera. Others taped each other. Editing was a collaborative process lead by Eric Ianucci, our Technology instructor. Listen carefully. The honesty, depth, and clarity of their voices along with the power of their message speak to Dominique’s unique ability to touch students in ways that others rarely do,

Christine Kirschenbaum; Assistant Director



Don Culp and his drumming classes have brought much more than rhythm and music instruction to the foster school. Don is a true sensei in its broadest sense.