H1N1:Tuesday 10/27/09

Dear families,

We are receiving calls from parents regarding issues relating to H1N1! For example, Guilford Public Schools decided to close today and Branford is considering closing as well. We have students from 16 districts including Guilford and Branford. Most of our students have siblings who are in those schools and parents are asking our advice on whether to send them to LDFDS. I think, for now, until we can gather more information, my recommendation is that you consider keeping your child home. According to some media reports, this week is considered to be potentially critical in terms of the reemergence of the virus in CT and as you know the vaccine is still not available for all those who may want or need it. At the moment we are not formally closing the school but we will keep you abreast of our thoughts and decisions as we monitor the situation. Please check our website–ldfds.com under Message from the Director for updates.