Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

As we end our first full week of school, Christine and I would like to share a few of our impressions regarding the start of school year 2014/2015.

It has been a positive week and exhilarating in many ways. We will be introducing new courses and activities this year and have begun to experiment with some. You may have heard from your child that all students (and teachers!) meet together in the gym to start their school day with a 15-minute “active activity” led by Eric Sumpter, our Physical Education Teacher. Research is clear (and growing) regarding the connection between physical activity and learning–and, we don’t need to scour the academic literature to know that interacting actively with others in the spirit of cooperation is just plain fun! Students who do not choose to join in the group activity may elect to take a supervised walk instead. Before returning to class, each student is provided with water and a snack (choices to date have included plums, pears, bananas, yoghurt and KIND health bars).

Here’s what they have to say: “exercise gets your mind going and ready for the day…I really liked the Pac Man activity…it’s good to get exercise to get the body moving and I’m trying to lose weight…I think it’s awesome–you get fresh air, notice things that you would not be able to notice if you were in the classroom…I think the staff have great ideas for activities…it’s the greatest thing to happen since the dawn of time! I like the pears…it’s cool…it helps you stay healthy.”

We look forward to offering a weekly chess class as part of each student’s math curriculum– Mr. G is a retired teacher with 11 years teaching experience in mathematics, computer science and physics. Meghan will return to teach a weekly yoga class. Don Culp will be back to lead our drumming circle and inspire us with his musicianship and wisdom. Mr. B. will return to dazzle us with his math wizardry. Ms. Alice has joined the staff as our art and pottery teacher and brings years of experience as a public school art teacher and respected potter teaching at Creative Arts Workshop, Guilford Art Center and Wesleyan Potters.

We will start language instruction in the coming weeks.

Your children are a blessing to all of us, thank you for entrusting them to our care.