Vincent Gulisano...

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Vincent Gulisano died Friday night, January 8 at Hospice in Branford. Although we didn’t have the time to get to know Vincent well, it didn’t take long to learn about his character. When Vincent first came to us offering to teach our students chess, he had already been battling cancer for a long time. Although he was undergoing grueling treatments he wanted his life to continue to have meaning and he wanted to serve others. Chess was just one of his many interests and talents. He inspired us with his passion to integrate chess into the math curriculum. Your children and our staff were fortunate to have Mr. Gulisano introduce them to the program and to benefit from his skill and expertise in the art of chess.

Christine and I had the opportunity to experience his incredible bravery. We knew what personal courage it took just to prepare himself each morning to come and teach your children. We marveled at the strength and self-respect involved in being able to manage his medical issues in a way that made them indiscernible. In fact, when his treatment failed and we announced to the staff that he would be absent for what we hoped would be a short leave, most expressed surprise and remarked that they had forgotten that he was ill.

We will continue to teach and play chess at Lorraine Foster Day School and are grateful for the all too brief time that Vincent spent with us.