Election 2012:

Class III spent time closely following the election last month.  Students researched the candidates’ positions on various topics and presented the information to the class.

Earth Science:

Class III studied the atmosphere this month in Earth Science. Students participated in making a cloud in a bottle, illustrating how cloud droplets form because condensation nuclei are present.

Parent Breakfast:

Class II got together with their parents for breakfast this November. Each family made a dish to share. The families interacted and played a group game. The class and parents had a great time!

Handmade Paper:

Students used handmade paper to create japanese tea lanterns and multimedia collages.

Stuffed Animals:

Cuteness abounds in this semester’s stuffed animals activity period.

Science Projects:

Class II has been researching aspects that affect the environment including the gravitational forces of the sun and moon, the Earth's crust, and the water cycle. Each student is conducting research on their topic and creating either a booklet of information, poster, or report.


Students in Class 4 are beginning a unit on electricity. They completed a lab testing how static electricity was generated by different materials and built simple circuits.


During November, some students began a multimedia mask project while others created a landscape collage using foreground, middle ground, and background.  The landscape collages are being used as a reference for pastel drawings.


Students move out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves on the climbing wall!

Equate and Chess:

The students in Classroom I took a break from their regular mathematics lessons to play Equate (a game similar to Scrabble) and Chess. Both of these games provide an opportunity for the students to utilize critical thinking and strategy skills, and to practice social skills.

Social Studies:

Class II has been studying the aspects that make a culture, and have been creating their own culture. Some students are working on creative projects to represent their culture, such as making jewelry, making a game and creating a replica of a building.

Thermal Energy:

Students in Class IV are studying how thermal energy is transferred between materials. In one activity, the students made ice cream in plastic bags to watch the transfer of thermal energy in action!

Handmade Paper:

In art class students created homemade paper that will be used to make Japanese tea lanterns.

Team Building:

Students in p.e. have been participating in adventure education.  While having fun, the classes are learning about communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

The Scientific Method with M&M's:

Class II began their Science curriculum reviewing and learning the scientific method. The students followed the scientific method to see what happens to the color of M&M's in water. The students then created their own unique experiments with M&M's using the scientific method.

Pencil Holders:

In pottery, students made pencil holders shaped like Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Ancient Greek Cultures:

Students in Class IV studied the government systems, cultures and values of Athens and Sparta.  They wrote and performed role plays, and created hand-drawn comics describing the major differences between the city-states.